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Return of NightFlight Phase 2

Devoted followers of the paranormal: if you couldn’t attend the sold-out investigations last October, grab your EMF detector and get ready for the winter season of nightFlight.

And if you did attend, you may just want to return!

Phase 2 of our popular paranormal investigations continues as we dig deeper into the mysterious female spirit “M” in the Officers Club; the new approach in the Carrier Deck with the cluster of Naval carrier-based aircraft; the expansion of the investigation into new areas, especially the Restoration Shop; and the EVP experience within the PBY Catalina.

Reservations are now open for the Jan. 29, Feb. 26, and March 5 nightFlight investigations. Click here to register or to learn more!

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Juz is keen blogger on Orlando as well as having written 2 travel books on Disney. You can catch Juz every week on the Eye on Orlando Show, which covers all the happening in and around Central Florida.

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