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Laying the Foundation for Education at LEGOLAND Florida

What does 50 million LEGO® bricks plus an exciting educational curriculum equal? An educational field trip to LEGOLAND® Florida!

When LEGOLAND Florida opens its gates on October 15, the fun is just beginning with 50 rides, shows and attractions. From learning about how structures are made and what makes them strong in Tall Towers to Amazing Machines where students build their own amazing machine equipped with gears, levers, pulleys and motors, teachers can find just the right program to match what they’re learning about in the classroom.

“By showcasing math and science in a fun and interactive way at LEGOLAND Florida, we are aiming to change the way our students view these sometimes difficult subjects,” said Kim Isemann, Director of Sales and Marketing. “LEGOLAND Florida is a hands-on, interactive theme park and we think education should be no different.”

With seven educational programs incorporating STEM and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, LEGOLAND Florida is dedicated to affordable extracurricular education.  Each of the seven programs is seasonally priced and starts at $5 per student and includes a 45-minute educational session and a full-day at the park. Field trips start in November. Programs can be booked now by appropriate school officials by calling 1.877.350.LEGO.

Earlier this year, LEGOLAND announced a one-of-a-kind partnership with University of South Florida Polytechnic that offers every 2nd grade public school student in Polk County the chance to participate in one of the seven programs free of charge.

Also just announced is a complimentary Standard Annual Pass for all active Florida teachers. This Annual Pass allows Florida teachers to experience first-hand the benefit of adding a LEGOLAND field trip into their curriculum. Teachers must visit to register for the Pass and for redemption instructions. Teachers can receive their pass on specially designated Annual Pass Processing Days at LEGOLAND Florida, September 16, 17, 23 & 24 from 10a.m. – 5 p.m. and September 18 & 25 from noon – 5 p.m.

Field trip programs include:

Tall Towers (Grades K-3): Students learn about how structures are made and what makes them strong and then test their creation on an earthquake table.

Funtastic Gears (Grades K-2): Students build a theme park ride using gears to alter the speed and direction.

Get Moving (Grades 2-5): Students build a car and predict which car will win the race and why – all while learning about friction, inertia and wind resistance.

Energy Lab (Grades 2-6): Students build a solar-powered car where they collect, store and transfer the solar energy to power their vehicle.

Amazing Machines (Grades 3-6): Students build their own amazing machine equipped with gears, levers, pulleys and motors.

Dr. Heartbeat (Grades 3-6): With students at the helm, “Dr. Heartbeat” and other NXT-bots complete in a variety of life-saving operations and medical procedures using a computer, light & sound sensors and motors.

Adventure Bot (Grades 3-6): Students can go on a mission using Adventure-bots to retrieve golden marble treasures and hide them from the treasure hunters using a computer, light and sound sensors and motors.

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