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Otronicon Fun!

by Nick LoCicero

Otronicon is a staple now every January at the Orlando Science Center. My friend MC and I had the chance to visit yesterday and had a blast. You still have time to go… It’s open on Monday from 10a – 7p. Check out this article for all the details.

Lazer Tag was a popular draw outside on the 4th floor Suntrust Terrace

How did we game before HD?

EA Sports demonstrates new technology

Video game consoles were set up to try games

Disney displayed Audio-Animatronics and demonstrated how math was at the core

Audio-Animatronic Head

Audio-Animatronic Hand

Who’s that handsome guy?

In the Channel 9 sponsored area, guests can step in front of a green screen…

…and be an Orlando weatherman during a freak snowstorm

It was a lot of fun

Video Game art was featured

Kid Icarus

Bubble Bobble

The Medical Sim Area

Here, you practice on Operation. In the real world, doctors use remote controlled arms on patients

The Military Sim area is always popular

Flight simulator

Virtual Reality Ball

And what would Otronicon be without robots?

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