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Is Fantasy of Flight a Favorite Haunt for Spirits?

For years visitors to Fantasy of Flight, Central Florida’s premier aviation attraction, believed the only specters of the past they’d encounter would be the collection of 40 fully-restored vintage aircraft, displays of a long-ago era of aviation.

But as stories of unexplained occurrences such as unidentifiable noises, temperature changes and the detection of mists and shadows drifted into the paranormal community, professional investigators (or “ghost hunters” to which they are more dramatically referred in popular media) took notice.

Apollo Paranormal Investigations (API), a non-profit investigative team based in Apollo, Florida, has conducted a series of scientific explorations and on a paranormal-activity scale between 1 and 10, they have rated Fantasy of Flight’s aircraft collection an “11.”

Based on their results, Fantasy of Flight has invited the general public to nightFlight, an exciting after-hours program that offers adventurous visitors four full hours to “Explore the Unexplained.”

Phase 1 and 2 of nightFlight netted a treasure trove of evidence and has focused the next phase of the investigation to seek out specific “high response” areas at Fantasy of Flight.

Welcome to nightFlight Phase 3:

  • Who are “Melissa” and the British spirit who urges us to stay in the Carrier Deck?
  • Are those long-gone Rosie the Riveters who whistle and call at the B-17?
  • What prompts the emotional vortex that repeats itself in the Officers Club?
  • What new data awaits our investigators during Phase 3?

Reservations are now open for the March 10 nightFlight investigations. Click here to make your reservation now.

Kermit Weeks

“We’ve had a number of very interesting paranormal occurrences at Fantasy of Flight since we opened in 1995. It never occurred to us to explore them until we were approached by two completely different and independent paranormal groups wanting to investigate our facilities. I personally believe the apparitions and energies that have been experienced are not only connected to specific airplanes exhibited but the environment they are housed in as well. There have been movements of objects, voices heard, apparitions showing up in photos, and actual sightings! Fantasy of Flight is all about going beyond ourselves and we encourage not only our guests, our paranormal friends as well!”
– Kermit Weeks
Owner and Creator of Fantasy of Flight

About Juz

Juz is keen blogger on Orlando as well as having written 2 travel books on Disney. You can catch Juz every week on the Eye on Orlando Show, which covers all the happening in and around Central Florida.

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