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A Look at Jaws; Post Closing

As I told you in my farewell to Jaws last month, I was a bit terrified of those Jaws sharks at Universal. All jumping out of the water with their wide open mouths full of sharp teeth ready to chomp. Well, the water has been drained, and the sharks are left high and dry. I was able to check things out from above yesterday. (click photo for enlarged image)

Amity Island renovations
Some buildings have been torn down
Some boats still sit on the tracks
Around the first corner at the bottom you can see the “under water” holes
You can see the winding track
Looks strange with no water
That hole is where the boat house you went into used to be
Another great view of the under ground holes and track
Ariel view of a dried up Jaws
The mechanical sharks now sit dormant and exposed
The mechanical sharks now sit dormant and exposed
That’s where the flames and pipe burst were
More sharks. The ones toward the end of the ride that got fried
Looking back at boat house and a great view of track
Boats still sit at the docks
That is where they took boats off the line for maintenance
Looking back toward the first turn
Another shark
Ariel view of the dry Jaws attraction
Ariel view of the dry Jaws attraction
Ariel view of the dry Jaws attraction

About Juz

Juz is keen blogger on Orlando as well as having written 2 travel books on Disney. You can catch Juz every week on the Eye on Orlando Show, which covers all the happening in and around Central Florida.

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  1. Hey – just so you know, that “hole” was not actually where the boathouse was. That was left over from the underwater turntable in the first version of the ride. :)

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