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Inside Universal Orlando’s New Mini Golf Courses

Universal Orlando’s new Mini Golf courses open on Monday, but OSR got inside for a sneak peak last night. There are two 18 hole courses. One themed with ghosts and the other sci-fi aliens. I’ll have a full review later today and I’m sure we will talk about it on the next episode of Eye on Orlando, but for now take a look at these pictures from the “Invaders from Planet Putt” course. I’ll have pictures from “The Haunting of Ghostly Greens” up soon as well.

Entrance to Planet Putt
Happy Aliens await your arrival
The newspaper stand has an electronic display… looks great!
The theme is brilliant. Crop circles in the greens and a farm feel all around
There’s a cow in my way!
Great hole signage all over the course
Something scared this little guy…
Um, maybe it’s that?
The aliens make themselves at home. Don’t worry, we will putt around you.
If you look down the telescope you see that someone is watching you too!
Area 51 was amazing!
You put through a broken open chain link fence where aliens and robots are
Strange life forms await on the other side
Area 51
Hole #6 sign
Aliens in Area 51
Area 51
Area 51
Hole #7 sign
Protecting the secrets
Protecting the secrets 
Really cool laser gun effects
Alien lit up
Nick and Juz hanging out
Hole #8
Alien claiming land
You can see the damage the robot did
Robot foot
All kinds of route choices
Ball coming down ramp
Area 51
Hole #10
Bugs… large bugs
Get in the hole!
We stopped to watch a little TV
In a brilliant effect, after you hit your ball under the TV, mirrors make it look like it travels against gravity
Hole #13
Hole #14
It all makes sense now
Get us outta here!
We are invited for dinner!
Hole #15
Your chef
Great lighting effects on the course
On the green, wobbly and moving circles disorient you when trying to hit the ball
Giant people eating worm
Enter if you dare
I never saw this before…
The hole spins on a rotating table set in the ground.
You hit it on, then step on and try to hit it in
A night at the Putt Putt

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