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The Museum of Military History

5210 West Irlo Bronson Hwy.,Kissimmee, FL.

The Museum of Military History (MMH)  opened to the public last week with more than 350 veterans, members of the public and dignitaries attending the 45 minute ceremony which included a flyover by the Warbird Adventures.

The exhibits and displays are dynamic, entertaining, hands-on, and interactive—to impart both knowledge and critical thinking skills—while at the same time inspiring a sense of fun and adventure. The MMH layers its exhibits and information on a number of different levels. This fosters learning for a diverse audience, including students, experts, and amateurs from local,  national, and global audiences.

The goal is to help people from all walks of life, and with all levels of knowledge, to better understand and evaluate the experience of combat for American Veterans. To this end, the MMH combines aspects of science, history, art, and anthropology museums. The result will be an exploration of modern combat and what it was like as an American to serve his or her country in time of war. This will serve as an important center for education and culture in Osceola County.

The core function of the MMH is to encourage, foster, and support education in these fields by making learning tangible, interesting, and interactive. The MMH hopes to inspire our visitors with a desire to learn and think critically, encouraging curiosity.

The MMH will provide interactive exhibits, games, and displays, from which people of all ages and backgrounds can learn about the individual soldier’s experience.



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