SpongeBob StorePants

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Spongebob has a new movie coming out in 2014 , he is in the new Universal Superstar Parade and to continue his rise to the top again he now has his own store opening this week at Universal Studios

The store has a huge range of merchandise from Tshirts to video games…. In fact the trademark listing for ‘Spongebob Storepants’ shows that it has a wide range of goods listed under the “Goods and Services” section.

Retail store services featuring clothing, headwear, footwear, toys, plush, games, activities, dolls, candy, bags, , towels, blankets, figurines, sporting goods, electronics, videos, books, music, prints, frames, jewelry, watches, decorations, stationery, crafts, drink ware, tableware, personal care items, gift items and souvenirs and related accessories


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One Response to SpongeBob StorePants

  1. Debbie at 11:53 am

    Not sure what I am most excited about the news of a new movie or a shop full of Spongebob, be nice to have everything in one place as there has been merchandise everywhere in the parks before… forgotten character, until now ! :)


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