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Stitch’s Great Escape!

This attraction in Tomorrowland stars the loveable but havoc-causing Stitch, everyone’s favourite alien…


This ride/show has some of the most advanced animatronics in any of the Disney parks. You sign yourself up as a police recruit and make your way to get a briefing on how to deal with different levels of alien offenders.


The animatronics in this section are brilliant, and the burping alien is very good. You are then moved into the high-security area as experiment 626 (aka Stitch) is being brought in…


You are ushered into a circular arena where you are seated into scanning restraints with a shoulder bar that gets lowered down onto your shoulders; be aware that it does detect how tall you are and then stops. Once strapped in Stitch is then beamed into the area.

Not to spoil anything, but there are nasty smells, movement on your shoulder bar and smoke that follow on from this; as our hero he manages to fire the laser cannons into the crowd; cause confusion and then escape to Walt Disney World Resort on Earth…


As long as your children are not totally afraid of the dark, they will love this ride/show; in fact is has been made less dark than it was originally due to the number of young upset children not liking the dark. (See Disney do listen!)


My youngest loves this and at first I wasn’t a great fan at all, but I quite enjoy it these days, and the animatronics are brilliant.


OPENED –  November 16, 2004
DURATION – Approx 15 minutes
RESTRICTIONS – 40” minimum (1.02 m)


[easyreview title=”Family Guide Rating” cat1title=”6-8 Year olds” cat1detail=”” cat1rating=”5″ cat2title=”Tween” cat2detail=”” cat2rating=”4″ cat3title=”Teen” cat3detail=”” cat3rating=”2.5″ cat4title=”Parents” cat4detail=”If nothing else but seeing reaction with the giant Stitch” cat4rating=”4″ summary=”So our Total Family Rating is…”]



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