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It’s Time to PLAY at the Orlando Science Center!

Discover a new exhibit at the Orlando Science Center that explores the games people play. Premiering Saturday, May 26, PLAY is a dynamic blend of art, music, philosophy and science. Composed of giant interactive games, the exhibit invites guests of all ages to become a part of unique, multi-sensory experiences and examine how people interact with one another. The exhibit will be on display throughout the summer at the Science Center, wrapping up on Labor Day, September 3, 2012.

The six featured games – backgammon, billiards, bowling, dice, dominoes and foosball – are games of strategy, luck, physical coordination and cooperation. Each of the games in PLAY is also a metaphor for social themes and science concepts that are essential to life. They focus on actions that are crucial to the development of social skills, as well as suggest underlying science principles.

Visitors are literally immersed in the experience as they become life-sized foosball players, pile up giant dominoes, step in concert with others on a larger-than-life backgammon board or “transform” into a gigantic bowling ball. All of the games help visitors explore friendship, collaboration and teamwork firsthand. Musical compositions and vibrant art, created specifically for each area, enrich the experiences, which include:

Express yourself and respect the will of the group
Visitors can become the “game piece” in one of the eight life-sized, hollow soccer players on the foosball table. This allows an examination into the importance of individual expression and respecting the will of the group.

Be there for your friends
A unique bowling experience where visitors move in pairs or groups down the alley, the sound of a bowling ball sweeps the floor and a video screen displays the ball smashing into pins. The experience demonstrates the power of group support and overcoming challenges as teams.

Feel a part of something greater than yourself
On an oversized pool table surface, visitors can create a complex musical composition by moving the giant billiard balls that create their own musical tones.

Think before you act
A full set of massive, soft-play dominoes encourages creativity, active play and team building, with everyone working together to create buildings, forts and mazes or playing a simple version of the domino game.

Listen to the dialogue
Visitors can move over a huge backgammon board that emits different tones when stepped on to create new musical compositions. By successfully listening and responding to the actions of others, the melody can become a polyphonic symphony.

See yourself in others and others in you
A 6-foot-tall game die comes to life when visitors press their ear against the white dots to hear hundreds of proverbs from other generations and cultures told by a medley of voices.

By the end of this experience, people will be reminded what it means to be a friend and how to recognize the needs of others as well as enjoying themselves through imaginative, immersive and cooperative play. Enjoy PLAY-ing with admission to the Orlando Science Center, which is $17 for adults and $12 for kids (ages 3-11). General admission not only provides access to PLAY, but also all Science Center exhibits, live science demonstrations and giant screen films like Tornado Alley and Animalopolis. For more information, please visit or call 407.514.2000.

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