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Day of Discovery with Walmart $5 Day

Enjoy All the Science Center Has to Offer For Only $5

Thanks to the Walmart Foundation

Sunday, March 2
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Orlando Science Center, in partnership with the Walmart Foundation, has announced that the next Walmart $5 Day will be Sunday, March 2, 2014.

On that day, guests can enjoy exhibits, giant-screen and 3-D films, and live programs for the significantly discounted price of $5. General admission fees are usually $19 for adults and $13 for youth (ages 3-11). For many, this event presents the opportunity to experience the Science Center for the first time.

Discover the latest traveling exhibit, “Zoom into Nano”; see the newest 3-D film “Mysteries of the Unseen World 3D”; catch the giant-screen spectacular “Flight of the Butterflies”; and experience four floors of hands-on exhibits and live activities that will engage your family and inspire their curiosity.

 In our newest traveling exhibit, “Zoom into Nano,” discover how scientists view and make things that are too small to see. Look inside a butterfly wing, build a carbon nanotube or stretch a molecule. Learn how scientists are using nanotechnology to develop new tools and materials that may affect our lives today and in the future.

Dive deeper into the world of nano by seeing “Mysteries of the Unseen World 3D” in the Digital Adventure Theater: A National Geographic Experience. In stunning 3-D and 4K resolution with 7.1 surround sound, viewers will experience events that unfold too slowly for human perception; enter the microscopic world that was once reserved only for scientists; and begin to understand that what we actually see is only a fraction of what there is to see on this Earth. Through high-speed and time-lapse photography, electron microscopy, and nanotechnology, “Mysteries of the Unseen World 3D” will take audiences into earthly worlds secreted away in different dimensions of time and scale. 


 Catch “Flight of the Butterflies” in the spectacularly immersive Dr. Phillips CineDome. The iconic monarch butterfly is a true marvel of nature. Weighing less than a penny, it makes one of the longest migrations on Earth across a continent, with pinpoint navigational accuracy, to a secluded place it has never been. Follow the monarchs’ perilous and extraordinary journey in this awe-inspiring film shown on an impressive eight-story domed screen and backed by 28,000 watts of stereo sound. 

 Of course, the rest of the Science Center is available for exploration that day. Indulge in all four floors of exhibits including “NatureWorks”; “Science Park”; “All Aboard”; “Engineer It!”; “Our Planet, Our Universe”; and “DinoDigs.” And don’t forget the newest permanent experiences: “Imagination Playground” is an innovative play space where lightweight foam pieces of all shapes and sizes foster creativity and design; and “Jurassic Ridge” encourages hands-on learning through an immense, life-size dig pit.

 “Thanks to the Walmart Foundation’s generous support, it’s easier for families to enjoy a day of discovery and wonder,” said JoAnn Newman, President and CEO of Orlando Science Center. “As it’s been known to happen, one day at the Science Center can inspire a person for the rest of their life.”

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