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Celebrate Orlando history

The Orange County Regional History Center is encouraging local residents to celebrate Orlando history through its highly anticipated 100 Historical Icons of Orlando exhibition, slated to be unveiled in early 2015.

With the arrival of Disney, the opening of the University of Central Florida and the launch of the Space Program, the years 1960- 1985 were a time of drastic change in Orlando, FL. Now, the History Center and the Orlando Remembered Committee aspire to document this time period from your point of view.

“My experience is that the memories of the 50’s are expressed with great passion.I believe there is an equal emotional attachment of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. We want people to tell us their stories, and what was exciting in their early years in their neighborhood,”  said Mark Line, Chair, Orlando Remembered.

Orlando History
What’s an Icon?

A person, place, event or object regarded as a representative historic  symbol of life in the Orlando Metropolitan Area from 1960-1985.

Criteria for submission
The icon must be a person, place, event or object associated with the Orlando Metropolitan Area from 1960-1985.
  • Objects
    The objects should be readily recognizable to those who lived in the Orlando Area from 1960-1985.
  • Places
    The Places should symbolize living in Orlando from 1960-1985.
  • Events
    An event can be local or global but should have significance in the Orlando area between 1960 and 1985. Personal memories are welcomed, but should be put into context within the greater Orlando area.
  • People
    People who left an indelible mark on Orlando. People who were locals who defined this era.
The submission period runs through to July 31, 2014. You can submit your idea of an Orlando Icon by visiting  Once submissions are completed, the community will have an opportunity to be a part of the voting process. Details on voting are available on the100 Historical Icons of Orlando website,

About Juz

Juz is keen blogger on Orlando as well as having written 2 travel books on Disney. You can catch Juz every week on the Eye on Orlando Show, which covers all the happening in and around Central Florida.

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